University Management System Software

University Management System

Handling an university was never been easy unless until there was an ERP. University Management System ERP helps to automate and manage the entire process in an efficient and effective way which connects entire community.

ERP Accounting Software

ehAPI provides user friendly interface where the system can track day to day activities of the university. ehAPI gives the complete solution for the university management system including admission, exams, activities, library, hostel, etc

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University Management System Software Modules

Transportation Management

  • Assigning student details
  • Adding, Editing, Deleting routes and managing them  
  • Auto Update of transport details

Library Management

  • Adding and updating different book details
  • Request for books
  • Providing library cards
  • Managing book returns and issues
  • Updating book status  

Administration Management

  • Managing department wise details & information
  • Managing all branches
  • Add / Edit / View schedules and classrooms
  • Creating times tables
  • Managing courses offered  

Examination Management

  • Analyzing student marks
  • Managing and updating student examination attendance
  • Evaluation and Re-evaluation of results
  • Automated and quick report generation
  • Online exams management

Student Management

  • Manages student data like personal information, activity log, educational details, assignment details, library details etc
  • These records maintain the detailed information and these are updated timely
  • Assignment submission
  • Attendance tracking i.e online and offline

Finance Management

  • Creating fee structure
  • Issuing fee receipts and other bills
  • Analysis of fee defaulters
  • Managing different category of income and entire expense
  • Academic fee collection reports

Hostel Management

  • Allocating rooms to the students
  • Checking fee defaulters
  • Managing hostel rooms and student details

ehAPI allows you to add/ edit/ view the data in the detailed manner. It also generates reports dynamically. ehAPI provides complete suite of applications that permits you to automate all aspects of school or university