Tours And Travels Management

Tours And Travels Management

This tours and travels management drives rich customer experience. Technology is crafted to derive immense value in this particular segment. This tours and travel management solution is end to end which integrates hotel booking, transport and other associated services.

The system is totally safe for online transactions and improves the overall user experience for your customers. ehAPI improves the overall user experience. With this we can avoid human errors, remove staff dependency and save man hours.

ERP Accounting Software

ehAPI with this ERP modules helps your  Tours and Travels management  business grow tremendously.

ERP Tours And Travels Management

Creation and Configuration

  •   Tour Wise Leads data capture.
  •   Provision to link Agent Name for each of the Lead
  •   Agent Wise/ Direct Lead Generation report for a given period of time
  •  Integration of CRM & Tour Booking process
  •  Insightful analysis of Leads throughout the sales process  

Tour Booking

  • Configuration of individual tour
  • Setting up and administration of multiple solutions and services – flights, hotels,   dynamic packages, and more
  • Displaying to list day-wise tour plan for better management
  • Updating details like Destinations Covered, Hotels for Stay, Destination wise sightseeing listing
  • Book individual Tour Package
  • Manage availability of various services

Passport Processing

  • Integration of Passport Services with Tours & Travel Management for timely update on passport enquiry
  • Provision to define pricing policies for various types of Passports
  • Linking of scanned documents provided by the customers for Passport Processing
  • Records can be filtered based on the various stages of each Passport Processing task (i.e. draft, confirmed, verified, submitted to Passport Office, Passport issued etc.)

Hotel Booking

  • Maintaining passenger details for Hotel Room Booking
  • Auto Generation of complete hotel booking task records based on the tour booking records
  • Easy monitoring and complete control on the completion of hotel booking record
  • Providing hotel type, room type, packages of the tour
  • Automated invoicing for both Suppliers & Customers Based on the Hotel & Room Type selected.

Transport Booking

  • Control over both types of transportation (Inbound, Outbound)
  • From the travel modes integrating transport class
  • Quick, easy and comprehensive booking details for each of the passenger in a booking reference.
  • Auto generation of Transport booking records from Tour Booking ID Reference
  • Automated invoicing for both Suppliers & Customers
  • Provision to maintain records against Tour Booking ID & Individual record for Hotel Booking Facility only  

Custom Tour Management

  • Linking Visa Services with Tours & Travel Management
  • Provision to define pricing policies for various types of Visas (Business Visa, Tourist   Visa etc.)
  • End to end visa processing integrated within the system, including scanning of the documents
  • Auto Creation separate Visa Task for each passenger based on the no. of countries involved in tour that the customer has booked
  • Auto generation and database of Expense Note/ Receipt note for the Expense/ Receipt of money for Visa & Passport processing.