School Management Software

ERP School Management Software

In educational institutions, maintaining and tracking is very important. These days as institutions are upgrading, Educational institutions are facing challenges in maintaining proper communications to Students, Parents, Teachers, Staff, Donors and Management. School management software is used by schools/colleges to manage their daily activities like records, assignments, results, reports, events, transports, timetable, attendance, fees and other reports.

ERP Accounting Software

ehAPI has a unique and very comprehensive School Management Software for institutions. ehAPI ERP gives one point access to manage this wide range of activities effectively and hence enhance an efficiency of an overall system.

School Management Software

Features of School Management

  • Maintaining & Updating Student Details like contacts,Medical,Academic
  • Keep Record of Daily Attendance
  • Managing Various Events in School/Colleges
  • Conduct Exams ,Exam Results and Progress/Report Cards of Students
  • Following Admission Procedure
  • Create Timetable
  • Records teacher/parents details
  • Generate Reports like Identity Cards,Timetable,Transport Route Details,Event Details etc
  • Manage Fee & Transport system
  • Allows Teachers to Create and Assign Assignments to Student