Property Management Software ERP

ehAPI Property management software ERP provides organized information systems to the users for reducing costs. Managing the property is a huge responsibility. ehAPI comprehensive business model delivers regular returns to your organization.  Property Management Software ERP  has emerged as a leading cost effective measure for today’s most competitive businesses.

The workload of the manager will be drastically reduced when they use Property management software ERP applications. In Order to ensure the best results and profitably running business, property managers and Owners should use ehAPI Property Management software ERP

Property Management Software ERP

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Advantages of ehAPI Property Management Software ERP

  • The inbuilt chat system within our ehAPI ERP can accomplish the  task, The reminders can also be sent to your work staff
  • Global Search Engine within our ehAPI  searches for Bills/ transactions can be made easy
  • We can present BI (Business Intelligence) & KPI (Key Process Indicators) with Graphical Data presentation on your log-in Desktop screen.
  • Reports and reminders can be automated as SMS / Emails.
  • Dashboards and Real-Time Stock details can be available to Managers/Sales Team/Store & Dispatch team on their mobile devices.
  • Reminders of Mile-Stone Dates, Accounts Payable and Accounts Receivable can be shown on your log-in desktop screen.
  • On real time basis the data is updated with accurate and reliable reports
  • Reports based on the user requirements and are exportable to Microsoft Word, Excel or pdf printable formats.
  • Considering the UAE Statutory Market Requirements we enhance Management of the HR & Payroll operation
  • Barcode scanning features will help in ensuring quick stock entry and dispatch of goods.
  • Real-time Data is available for your system wherein you can work from any your branches, warehouse and retail shops.
  • Fixed Assets Management module are available.
  • Stock control of multiple locations is enhanced
  • Under accounts & stock master new groups and analytical fields are definable
  • You can even set your document expiry alert systems and reminders on your log-in desktop screen.
  • Improved post-dated cheque control modules with reminders can be set on your log-in desktop screen.
  • Business Intelligence Reports based on various user parameters like pie charts, bar charts and other graphical presentation helps the management and team
  • ehAPI enhances real-time inventory control system with automated Accounting entries
  • ehAPI ERP Software Dubai also enhances multi-currency management system with exchange rates fed into the system.
  • Job-costing modules with customizable reports are enriched
  • Customer credit-limit control system helps to ensure that the customer does not go above his credit limit.
  • In the organization approval system is based on multi-level and hierarchy levels.
  • Reports are customized and improvised with Estimation Managment

Property Management Software ERP

ehAPI  Property Management Software ERP Benifits

  • Property Enquiry Managed easily and can be assigned to the sales person instantly
  • Multiple booking by agents with security Cheque/Advance Cheque details
  • ehAPI creates unlimited tenant ledger and track their activity
  • Allows lease termination or amendments with cost adjustments.
  • The user can create notes and attach with modules and setup reminder for any tasks or document.
  • Along with the transactions related  documents can be scanned and attach
  • Each Tenant they can see their payment and details and upcoming events etc
  • Unlimited Units and features with floor plan are provided by our team of experts
  • ehAPI helps you to advertise  your vacant properties online
  • Property Management Software ERP  includes  value added services to your Tenants/customers sending SMS messages.
  • The  search functionality in our software makes the user to find any records easily.
  • Creates short and long terms rental agreements, amendments, termination and cancellation.
  • Move in & Move Out record and final inspection record.
  • ehAPI software report generator allows the user to create customized report templates
  • Keeps your entire tenant portfolio in the system effectively.
  • Email communications made easy with Tenants.


  • Property & Units Manager
  • Property Sales Enquiry  Management
  • Opportunities Management
  • Quotes Administration
  • Property Booking
  • Sales Agents & Commissions
  • Tenant Management
  • Property Lease Management, Sales Management
  • Property Utility Billing
  • Document Management
  • Complaint Tracking
  • Work Order ManagementReceivables and Payable Management
  • Post Dated Cheque (PDC) Tracking
  • Notes & Alerts