Manufacturing Management Software

Manufacturing Management Software

Manufacturers need to be quick, flexible and responsive, Because they operate on design, manufacture, distribution. The process should be optimized to satisfy the expectations of customers providing the quality and delivery. Manufacturing management software deploy synchronization and integration of manufacturing techniques.

ERP Accounting Software

We master the difficulties of manufacturing  with the help of ehAPI Manufacturing Management Software ERP. We work on wide variety of manufacturing modules to drive efficiency, control and the best in customer service.

ERP Manufacturing Management Software

Our ehAPI Manufacturing Management Software modules helps to manage pre-requisites

  • Optimization & Availability – Keeping track of your finished goods, Which assists in decision-making what to manufacture, with what resources, when, where, and in what sequence
  • Accounting software –  We provide quotes that are accurate and keep costs under control. ehAPI provides the capability to automatically raise of all supply actions to the customer order.
  • Bills Of Materials (BOM) –  We enable the definition of simple single-level bills through to complex bill formulations with multiple units
  • Lead and Elapsed times – Ensuring accurate lead time and dynamic elapsed time that assists optimization in production.
  • Planning and Scheduling – ehAPI provides efficient management and execution of re-scheduling activities when business priorities and plans change. Planning feature includes forecasting, master planning, material requirements planning. Scheduling functionality extends from single-constraint scheduling to multi-constraint scheduling and sequencing.
  • Material requirements – Work-in-progress inspection functionality enables a product to be receipted against multiple items if grades of the final product vary.
  • Managing material, labor and scrap – Our software enables to track actual versus estimated labor hours. Facilitates material usage and scrap during work-in-progress
  • Cost control and tracking – Enables the capture, tracking and analyzing of job and product costs, and profitability in real-time. Providing expected versus actual costs for material and scrap, internal and external labor, fixed and overhead costs per job, or group of jobs.
  • Material Resource Planning – We also manage auto procurement for production, With advance feature resources can be scheduled
  • Master Production Schedule – This module is designed to help manufacturers to develop an attainable schedule while balancing internal constraints and limited resources. MPS balances machine capacity and acknowledges labor to develop a realistic plan of action to move production through various operation steps.
  • Date & Time – Start date can be changed accordingly end date is also changed, Can be scheduled for any month. Detailed working time for work centers.

We create modules to help you to be different. Manufacturing management software  is not all the same, ehAPI helps you to benefit your business.   

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