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ERP Software has inbuilt chat system within our ehAPI ERP can accomplish the  task, The reminders can also be sent to your work staff and Global Search Engine within our ehAPI  searches for Bills/ transactions can be made easy.

ERP Software

  • We can present BI (Business Intelligence) & KPI (Key Process Indicators) with Graphical Data presentation on your log-in Desktop screen.
  • Reports and reminders can be automated as SMS / Emails.
  • Dashboards and Real-Time Stock details can be made available to Managers/Sales Team/Store & Dispatch team on their mobile devices.
  • Reminders of Mile-Stone Dates, Accounts Payable and Accounts Receivable can be shown on your log-in desktop screen.
  • On real time basis the data is updated with accurate and reliable reports
  • Reports are based on the user requirements and are exportable to Microsoft Word, Excel or pdf printable formats.
  • Considering the UAE Statutory Market Requirements we enhance Management of the HR & Payroll operation
  • Barcode scanning features will help in ensuring quick stock entry and dispatch of goods.
  • Real-time Data is available for your system wherein you can work from any of your branches, warehouse and retail shops.
  • Fixed Assets Management modules are available.
  • Stock control of multiple locations is enhanced
  • Under accounts & stock master new groups and analytical fields are definable
  • You can even set your document expiry alert systems and reminders on your log-in desktop screen.
  • Improved post-dated cheque control modules with reminders can be set on your log-in desktop screen.
  • Business Intelligence Reports based on various user parameters like pie charts, bar charts and other graphical presentation helps the management and team
  • ehAPI enhances real-time inventory control system with automated Accounting entries
  • ehAPI ERP Software also enhances multi-currency management system with exchange rates fed into the system.
  • Job-costing modules with customizable reports are enriched
  • Customer credit-limit control system helps to ensure that the customer does not go above his credit limit.
  • In the organization approval system is based on multi-level and hierarchy levels.
  • Reports are customized and improvised with Estimation Managment

Advantages of implementing ehAPI ERP?

  • An ERP system eliminates repetitive processes and greatly reduces the need to manually enter information.
  • Implementing ehAPI  ERP, helps make reporting easier and more customizable
  • It’s easier to provide high-quality customer service using an ERP Software Dubai.
  • Data is also kept consistent and up-to-date.
  • Budgeted target comparison with the actual sales figures helps the management to forecast in a better and efficient way.
  • Access to the real-time data helps to make quick management decision.
  • Accomplish Excellent Operational perfection can be achieved for all your processes from procurement stages to Order processing to the Final Dispatch and Shipment of goods.

ERP Modules

Accounts Sales Module

  • Distribution software includes a powerful Sales inquiry and Customer Order Management.
  • ehAPI’s integrated CRM function enables the customers to use effective Sales process management.
  • ehAPI Enquiry and Customer Order Management has lot of aspects including Customer creation, Inquiry, statistics, Customer Inquiry Registration, and target tracking.
  • ERP Software Dubai enables the mobile user to create transaction while moving.
  • Customer balances and Credit Control limits are immediately displayed along with customer’s transactions.
  • E-Commerce – integration helps the users to display items and processing sales orders online.
  • Easy to Customize Sales forecasting and Analytical reports.

General Ledger Module

  • ehAPI’s segment creator enables the users to create unlimited Account Segments wherein each segment can be a report master, for Ex. Division, Department, Location, Sub Division, Region, Country….etc
  • The account code structure of ehAPI is versatile, It can be created with multiple combinations of segments.
  • Our journal codes are user defined
  • System Control, Controls posting by period or scheduled date. The user-assigned security rules restrict query access to specific entries, accounts, entry and range of entities or accounts.
  • Transaction: Post transaction in summary and details.
  • Recurring entries: Define an unlimited recurring entries and transactions.
  • GL Budgeting: Establish General Ledger budgeting and create “what if” scenarios, print variance reports
  • Crystal Reports turns almost any data source into actionable information that can be accessed online or offline from applications, portals and mobile devices.
  • Multiple organizational divisions such as business areas and profit centers can be tracked
  • Multiple entities can also be tracked where each organization has a specific accounting structure.
  • Unlimited user defined fields for flexible reports can be created.
  • Budgeting can be done for each segments
  • Segment-wise reporting.
  • In the journal voucher entry screen debit and credits have separate columns
  • Batches enable user to enter multiple same type of transactions. Post journal and cash entries as batches.
  • Journal entries are automatically posted
  • With the same posting source, Posting can be done to Different accounts in several companies.
  • Inactive accounts are identified so that entries can’t be made.

Accounts Payable Module

  • General ledger accounts are assigned default
  • Immediate registration and tracking of incoming invoices
  • Accounts classification for reconciliation.  
  • Creating unlimited supplier group and key vendor information
  • Defining single and multiple payment methods for each vendor or group.
  • Tracking supplier activities of invoices, payments, returns
  • Account Payable ageing reports on outstanding balances, due date, invoice date and ageing based on supplier type.
  • Payables performance tools for payments and discount tracking
  • Track against prepayments and recurring payments
  • Import and Export of invoices, Holding  & Releasing Invoices for Payment.
  • Verification to prevent a vendor with an open PO or unpaid invoice from being deleted.
  • Payment Release advice reporting.
  • Support selective payment by vendor type.
  • Delete inactive vendor after a user-defined period
  • Automatically calculate discounts based on the vendor category
  • Process partial payment to an invoices from vendor.

Accounts Receivable Module

  • AR provides an automated numbering for customer with user defined sorting and sequencing capabilities
  • Maintaining regular payment terms and discounts
  • Powerful enquiry tools to check complete customer’s history.
  • Printing & sending customer statements of account automatically.
  • Accounts classification for reconciliation & Control.
  • On-line credit management.
  • Reminder letters with varying degrees of severity.
  • Aging Analysis reports for review.
  • Interest for late payments.

Purchase Module

  • The business of today requires an productive easy-to-use Purchase Solutions just to be ahead of competition and customer satisfaction.
  • ehAPI purchase module has lot of aspects including supplier creation, evaluation & statistics
  • ehAPI purchase module helps you to create transaction while driving improves and speeding up your business performance
  • ERP software Dubai allows user to create unlimited requisition from various site/locations.
  • Purchase order can be created from price worksheet or multiple requisitions
  • Reporting is greatly simplified through ehAPI ERP software
  • Maintains quality rating of supplier products and performance with statistics
  • Year to date description of purchases in value by supplier
  • Automatic update of an item’s record based on the item’s most recent purchase price.
  • Email reminder for supplier about the order