ERP Consulting Management

ERP Consulting Management

With the complex industry demands there will be a change in your business, with the changing business and changing customers demands will also be changed. To meet client preferences, expectations here is the tailor made consulting management solution

ehAPI brings this ERP Consulting management which drives in rich customer experience. ehAPI makes out every process smooth and quicker for precise operations. ehAPI’s ERP Consulting Management is easy to learn and implement, this solution takes to your consultancy business to a new level of success.

ERP Accounting Software

ERP Consulting Management

Features of ehAPI ERP Consulting Management

  • With a particular process ehAPI ERP Consulting Management can track man hours  and skills utilized
  • Vast storage for all clients & stakeholders records and provides easy access for retrieving`
  • Effectively gears the Revenue Model of all the Consulting Firms for better success. This is driven mainly by the distinct Accounting Module which allows the creation of SO, PO, Invoices, Payments, etc.
  • Updates timely reports for efficiency in monitoring, which help in better decision making capability
  • An integrated HR Module helps in managing the personnel or workforce of your consultancy. It allows creating company structure, salary structure, payroll processing & much more.
  • Provides support for effective & efficient management of all work processes involved in the delivery of sharp consultancy services to Clients.
  • Enables the firms to optimize budgeting of all the consultation projects & tasks at both levels – the Macro and Micro level of project management.

Advantages of implementing ehAPI ERP?

  • An ERP system eliminates repetitive processes and greatly reduces the need to manually enter information.
  • Implementing ehAPI  ERP, helps make reporting easier and more customizable
  • It’s easier to provide high-quality customer service using an ERP Software Dubai.
  • Data is also kept consistent and up-to-date.
  • Budgeted target comparison with the actual sales figures helps the management to forecast in a better and efficient way.
  • Access to the real-time data helps to make quick management decision.