Customer Relation Management Software

Customer Relation Management software is a strategy to learn more about customer need and behavior . ehAPI provides powerful features for Sales, Marketing and Support.  An effective ehAPI Customer Relation Management Software increase revenue by increasing market value, understanding the competitor and introducing new products  to the market

Customer Relation Management Software

Advantages of ehAPI Customer Relation Management Software

  • Customer Relation Management Software has inbuilt chat system within our ehAPI ERP can accomplish the  task, The reminders can also be sent to your work staff
  • Global Search Engine within our ehAPI  searches for Bills/ transactions can be made easy
  • We can present BI (Business Intelligence) & KPI (Key Process Indicators) with Graphical Data presentation on your log-in Desktop screen.
  • Reports and reminders can be automated as SMS / Emails.
  • Dashboards and Real-Time Stock details can be available to Managers/Sales Team/Store & Dispatch team on their mobile devices.
  • Reminders of Mile-Stone Dates, Accounts Payable and Accounts Receivable can be shown on your log-in desktop screen.
  • On real time basis the data is updated with accurate and reliable reports
  • Reports based on the user requirements and are exportable to Microsoft Word, Excel or pdf printable formats.
  • Considering the UAE Statutory Market Requirements we enhance Management of the HR & Payroll operation
  • Barcode scanning features will help in ensuring quick stock entry and dispatch of goods.
  • Real-time Data is available for your system wherein you can work from any your branches, warehouse and retail shops.
  • Fixed Assets Management module are available.
  • Stock control of multiple locations is enhanced
  • Under accounts & stock master new groups and analytical fields are definable
  • You can even set your document expiry alert systems and reminders on your log-in desktop screen.
  • Improved post-dated cheque control modules with reminders can be set on your log-in desktop screen.
  • Business Intelligence Reports based on various user parameters like pie charts, bar charts and other graphical presentation helps the management and team
  • ehAPI enhances real-time inventory control system with automated Accounting entries
  • ehAPI ERP Software Dubai also enhances multi-currency management system with exchange rates fed into the system.
  • Job-costing modules with customizable reports are enriched
  • Customer credit-limit control system helps to ensure that the customer does not go above his credit limit.
  • In the organization approval system is based on multi-level and hierarchy levels.
  • Reports are customized and improvised with Estimation Managment

Customer Relation Management Software

Segment Creator

Segment creator is one of the significant module in CRM. It has flexible features which makes easy to setup your business structure. ehAPI segments organizer allows you to generate multiple segments where each segment becomes a reporting dimension. Here in this each user can create up-to 10 segments based on the their business type. Segments play good when you are taking the information report. This particular procedure can have complete dimensional report for business improvement.

Lead Management

Lead management tool helps to identify the customer interest and details of the requirement on the product or service. ehAPI lead management helps to formalize the system to assign or reassign to a sales people. Tracking should be done properly to make the revenue. Through the right tool we can track all the leads coming through all the channels.Lead management tool provided by the ehAPI CRM software will be the perfect solution to achieve more income to the company

Oppurtunity Management

Opportunity is the initial process in every sales cycle. It is a  perfect screening process to qualify or disqualify the lead. Monitoring competitor is an another process in this stage. ehAPI’s opportunity management is flexible to handle multiple opportunities for the same lead. ehAPI gives you the perfect competitor analysis which helps you to understand to adjust the sales process and improve negotiation skills

Sales Quotation Management

Quotation is another process in the sales cycle. Every opportunity has Quotation. Quotation management in the CRM is a perfect process to make sales happen. ehAPI  helps customers to integrate with ERP Systems where you can manage Quotation from both systems. Also a user can create Sales Quotation through ehAPI CRM  An Opportunity can be converted as sales quotation for further process. ehAPI sales quotation can be integrated with ehAPI ERP sales module.

ERP – CRM Integration Tool

  • CRM integration tool imports products, supplier from any ERP Systems
  • CRM integration tool import customer invoices and payments
  • CRM integration tool export required details to any ERP systems

Template & Dashboard Designer

  • ehAPI CRM creates unlimited templates as reports as per requirements
  • Dashboard designer manages complex reporting
  • We provide our users graphical presentations of reports
  • Dashboards can be managed for better presentation
  • Export or import to a different format like Excel, Word, Pdf…etc.

Benefits of using ehAPI  CRM Software

  • ehAPI CRM software manages all types of company accounts and customer’s individual account details
  • Creates unlimited leads and track the source of the lead
  • Enables the customer services requests and automate the process in sending email to the customer and send the support details to assigned staff
  • CRM software activates the workflow for all the procedure regarding sales. Ex. Quotation approval, price approval….etc
  • Our team creates effective sales forecast from individual level.
  • We manage the user group and activate the workflow either serial or parallel.
  • User can easily transfer critical customer information on a routine basis with strong import/export capabilities.
  • ehAPI workflow modules approves any documents online while moving anywhere anytime basis.
  • We have dynamic Report writing capability
  • Recommends for Topping up sales and Cross selling opportunities.
  • Offers multi currency facilities when conducting business frequently with multiple currencies.