Construction Management Software

Construction Management Software

There will be many challenges in construction companies as they need to keep cost minimum, avoid wastage’s. We add technology solutions to overcome these challenges at base level. We can craft good construction management software with openERP.

ERP Accounting Software

ehAPI offers a total coordination of all the key process in construction fields. It helps to enhance the business with overall control, workflow and appropriate flow of records , reporting and accounting.

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 Features of Construction Management Software

Easy Set-up

  • ehAPI allows user to create project directly. The flexibility in it divides the projects in it tasks.

Project Management

  • Material allocation and manpower allocation is simplified. Keeps track of all the products/ services
  • Material and inventory tracking


  • These reports generates the performance for every particular construction. The different generated reports are
    • Budget Analysis Reports.
    • Project Analysis Reports.
    • Task Analysis Reports.
    • Cost Variance Reports for each projects and many more such reports.


  • In construction projects and tasks this module allows user to create their own budget.
  • This automatically tracks and updates the completion and pending projects/ task
  • Project wise detailed analysis reports displaying the Man & Materials utilized & the Cost & Revenues associated with each of the Construction Projects & Tasks.
  • It is created for the user, so that he can allocate different materials like Cements, Bricks, Tar, Tiles etc..utilized in completing the construction
  • Here user can even allocate man hours utilized in completing the construction in any field
  • Providing invoicing for each of the construction projects

Project Planning

  • This module helps user to plan and display views for easy access