Hostel Management Software

ERP Hostel Management Software

Hostel Management Software helps to manage New Admission, Admission cancellation, Bed allocation, Housekeeping activity etc. Users can configure hostel structure as per their requirement.  It is designed to manage entire process. This software gathers student information and also updates other hostel information. With the help of this software we can allocate rooms to the students in the hostel, We can even record all the particulars of every student. This data is accessible to the administrative department as well as students. This Hostel management software is proved to to be an effective software in managing student information in the hostel premises

ERP Accounting Software

This software is flexible in standard In order to address key functionalities of hostel administration. It provides a full featured software to manage.  ehAPI hostel management software has been developed to help the college or school staff and the student to easily register and use the facilities while keeping track of their activities and managing them within the premises. ehAPI hostel management software consists of various modules that begin with the registration and allotment process. This will maintain & update records of allocated room, meal, transfer room, manage hostel details, hostel room management, room allocation and manage mess details, inventory management of mess, report generations and other facilities.

ERP Hostel Management Software

Features of Hostel Management Software

  • Flexible way to allocate Students in hostel based on their requirements.
  • Add and Manage the Hostel Information like Hostel name , Address, Contact Details.
  • Room details, availability, shifting, assets and facilities.
  • Details of students along with room number and other details.
  • Store records related to maintenance, mess bill and hostel charges.
  • Is helpful to categorize data which in turns helps in effective management of the products.
  • User can configure hostel structure as per his requirement.